Art Design Project

LNG Tanks Art Design Contest


Current Situation

Yamal LNG project skyline is set against the background of industrial buildings and structures in the middle of the Arctic tundra. No individual features are present in the architecture and decor. One of the Project centerpieces is a group of 4 tanks 160,000 m3 each.


Come up with LNG tanks art graphic sketches and make a contest entry. Following the contest, 4 winners will be selected. Each winner will be allowed the opportunity to bring his/her large-scale art project to fruition north of the Arctic Circle with the aid of monumental painting, graffiti on one of the four tanks.

Terms and Conditions

  • One contestant may make up to 3 contest entries (be it versions of one concept or three different concepts — at the contestant's discretion).
  • Sketches to be provided in jpg format up to 2400×1800 px in size. One concept on several sheets is allowed.
  • Feel free to make your contest entries at
  • For more detailed terms and conditions please refer to: LNG Tanks Art Design Contest YAMAL LNG Regulations


The Project amidst the Arctic natural environment with predominantly monotone color palette. A flat landscape and absence of trees so typical of tundra. Polar night and polar day set in respectively in winter and in summer.


Possible Catchwords

  • Harnessing the Power of the North
  • Delivering results
  • Arctic Power to the People
  • Harmony between the Human and Nature
  • LNG as Art

Technical Specifications

  • Tank concrete side face area: 11,544 m2, 4 tanks: 46 176 m2, Height — more than 40 m.
  • The anticipated painted area of one tank: 4,500 m2


2017 Contest Schedule

  • Closing date: 09/06/17.
  • 09/06/17 — 07/07/17 — Contest Jury Decision-Making. Summing up the Contest Results, 4 winners to be selected.
  • Winners to be announced: on Yamal LNG website, in specialized press, letters to be sent out to winners. Contest’s winners will be announced after Yamal LNG BoD approves them.

Contest Materials