The Arctic

Home to the Yamal LNG Project, the Arctic is the most remarkable place on our planet.  It is the northernmost polar region of the Earth that covers the deep-water Arctic Basin, shallower seas on its outskirts, various islands, and the adjacent onshore continental areas in North America, Europe, and Asia.  It is a truly unique land which, despite its harsh climate, has long attracted mankind.

The history of Arctic development is one of many generations of trailblazing pioneers, who invested colossal efforts studying and discovering it.  Russian Arctic boasts large and modern cities such as Salekhard, Murmansk, Norilsk – and major industrial companies have taken root here.

The territory of the Arctic occupies approximately one-sixth of the Earth’s surface area. 

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Nature in the Arctic is without equal and rich in contrasts – endless expanses of ice and snow turn into prodigal abundances of wildflowers and berries that confound the imagination.  It is a natural habitat for polar bears, reindeer, rare birds, animals, and valuable species of fish.