Social Responsibility

Operating its business with a strong focus on social responsibility, Yamal LNG is committed to providing pro-active support to the local communities of the Yamal Region, making its best effort to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the North. The population of the Yamal Region stands at more than 16,000 people, of whom the indigenous peoples of the North make up more than 11,000 people; around 6,000 people lead a nomadic way of life. Nenets are one of the largest Samoyed ethnic groups.  They make up the large majority of the indigenous peoples of the North who live on the Yamal Peninsula.The traditional livelihood for the Nenets is reindeer herding, featuring unique national activities such as year-round animal grazing under the supervision of herders, as well as riding on reindeer sledges. As food reserves of reindeer lichen dwindle, the herd is forced to move to another pasture, and the herders, along with their families and the reindeer herds move their collapsible dwellings and household articles. Of special significance to the Yamal LNG Project have been the joint efforts with the local communities to manage reindeer migration paths. In close cooperation with the Nenets, reindeer pathways across Yamal LNG facilities are identified to ensure that appropriate provisions are made as early as during the engineering phase of the Project. 

In 2014, Yamal LNG obtained the free, prior, and informed consent for the implementation of the Project and approval of the Indigenous Peoples’ Development Plan that was signed by all the authorized representatives of the nomadic population that lives in the area directly and indirectly affected by the Yamal LNG Project.

Since 2013, four community liaison offices of Yamal LNG have been opened in Salekhard, Sabetta, Seyakha and Yar-Sale.  These offices facilitate public awareness and cooperation with the stakeholders and, first and foremost, with the local communities. Yamal LNG has developed and is implementing a Stakeholder Engagement Plan in line with the best international practices. The community liaison offices allow an opportunity to share information about the Yamal LNG Project, to leave comments for Company management, and counsel from a corporate communications coordinator.  Yamal LNG holds regular on-site workshops throughout the region, during which key business unit managers meet and converse with people from the tundra.

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