LNG Plant

The Yamal LNG Plant, designed to produce approximately 16.5 MTPA, is being built directly on the South Tambey Field, on the coast of the Ob Bay.

In order to both optimize the cost and streamline the schedule, the Project is using the modular construction technology.  The LNG Plant will be built in three phases, featuring a 5.5 MTPA process train each. The first LNG Train is scheduled for start-up in 2017.

With low average annual temperatures, the liquefaction process in the Arctic requires less specific energy, thus enabling higher LNG production output compared to other projects located at southern latitudes with similar equipment.

When the Plant becomes operable, the hydrocarbon mixture from the wells will be sent via gas gathering network to the integrated treatment and liquefaction facility.

Initial separation, including removal of mechanical impurities, water, methanol and condensate will take place in the Inlet facilities which, among other, will also include methanol regeneration and condensate stabilization units. Separated gas will be fed to the liquefaction trains where it will go through several process stages: removal of acid gas and traces of methanol, dehydration and mercury removal, extraction of ethane, propane and other heavy hydrocarbon fractions. The purified treated gas will then be sent for cooling down and liquefaction. At the end of the process, the liquefied gas will be transferred to four double-containment cryogenic storage tanks, with a capacity of 160,000 m3 each.

The integrated LNG facility will also include fractionation units, stabilized condensate and refrigerant storage facilities, a 376 MW power plant, utilities and flare systems.