The Sabetta Seaport

Construction of a multifunctional Port of Sabetta in the scope of the Yamal LNG Project has been a public-private undertaking.

Federal facilities (built by Federal Agency ROSMORPORT) include ice barriers, the harbor’s operational aquatic area, the approach channels, the vessel navigation management and traffic control systems, and some buildings housing marine service companies.  Yamal LNG facilities include jetties for liquefied natural gas and gas condensate offloading, RO-RO berths, material off-loading facilities, harbor fleet berths, warehousing facilities, administrative buildings and utilities.

The seaport boundaries near Sabetta have been established by the Decree of the Russian Government No. 242-р of February 26, 2013. By the Decree of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency No. KC-286-p of July 25th, 2014, the Port of Sabetta was included in the Russian Register of Seaports.

The Port of Sabetta: a New Addition to the Russian Register of Sea Ports

The port is being built in two phases – the early phase and the main phase.  The early phase includes construction of the cargo terminal to support deliveries of construction materials and process modules. The port is currently operating year-round, facilitating the arrival and unloading of construction cargo, materials and equipment.
Jetties for the offloading of LNG and gas condensate are to be built during the main phase of the port's construction, thus enabling the Port of Sabetta to be ready for the first LNG carriers in 2017. 

Port of Sabetta Port of Sabetta Port of Sabetta